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Welcome to IBH Center The Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH) is a profession organization working at Hypnotherapy, founded in 2002 by a group of Indonesian Hypnotherapists, its main mission is to spread out and popularize Hypnotherapy to Indonesian society so that it can be accepted and used as one of therapy methods which is effective for mental illnesses recovery as well as physical illnesses caused by disorders or psychological unbalance (psychosomatic).

In the effort of socializing the Hypnotherapy properly and scientifically, therefore IBH strives hard to form a standard knowledge and code ethics of Hypnotherapy profession in Indonesia, in which IBH ties cooperation with any similar profession organizations overseas that are regarded de-facto as references in Hypnotherapy, as well as tying good relationships with Hypnotherapy figures who have been acknowledged their competency in the International Hypnotherapy.

One of IBH’s prioritized agenda is to bring Indonesian Hypnotherapists in order to be acknowledged their competency by International Hypnotherapy profession organizations.

IBH is the first Hypnotherapy profession organization in Indonesia, and at the moment, the membership of IBH has spread out in any provinces in Indonesia even in neighboring countries.

For further information, please contact:

Mindtech - Plaza Basmar 3rd Floor
Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya 106
Jakarta Selatan 12760

Phone: +6221 7990182 or +6221 7994248
Email: ibh@mindtechcenter.com

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